Making the commitment to share your life with a dog is not a casual one.  Everyone in the family must be committed.

Your promise to your dog is;

· to provide security, shelter and food
· to care for him in sickness and health
· to teach him to be a good citizen
· to give him an outlet for his energy and intelligence

In return he promises;

· to share and enrich your life
· to love you unconditionally

Most dog breeds were developed to perform certain tasks.  The Golden Retriever was developed to retrieve waterfowl.  Although the Golden Retriever has adapted to a more sedentary life he is still willing and able to do this work.  He is an active intelligent working breed. 

Dogs were not meant to sit at home all day in the back yard.  They need mental and physical stimulation.  Your dog needs regular exercise and to play with YOU.  It is part of your job and your commitment to your dog to provide a safe and acceptable outlet for his energy and intelligence.

Dogs will invent their own games when bored, including destructive and antisocial ones like chasing, digging and barking.

A Golden Retriever requires companionship.  He will be very unhappy with a life on his own in the backyard.  He has a great need to be a part of your family and involved in family activities.

The adult Golden Retriever is a large and strong dog.  The male is 22 to 24 inches high at the shoulder and weighs between 29 to 34 kilos.  The female is 20 to 22 inches at the shoulder and weighs between 25 to 29 kilos.  A dog of this size needs instruction in obedience.  You must be prepared to put time and effort into his training.  An unruly Golden Retriever is a nuisance and nobody's favourite, whereas a well trained obedient dog is a delight to own.

The commitment to care and provide for your Golden Retriever is a long term one.  You must care for him for his entire lifetime which could be thirteen years or longer.  You must be prepared to care for him in old age.

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