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You must also be prepared for the expense of owning a dog.  Your Golden Retriever will incur veterinary costs for vaccinations, worming, heartworm and flea medication, desexing, potential skin and ear problems and other unexpected veterinary bills.  Other costs to consider are the costs of fencing, housing and council registration fees and the fees at boarding kennels when you are on holiday.

Golden Retrievers shed hair throughout the year and because they will be in your house there will be extra cleaning.  In addition they have a major moult once a year when they lose most of their undercoat.

Golden Retrievers love water and will spend a good deal of their time wet and muddy when they get the opportunity.

Golden Retriever puppies need a lot of attention.  They need love and companionship and most of all careful instruction to ensure they become the well behaved dog they should be.   A bored puppy will become destructive. 

The chewing and destruction of some possessions is inevitable, no matter how careful you are.  Be prepared for messes, spills and general havoc. 

But if you are prepared to make the commitment to a Golden Retriever you will not find a more devoted family member.  The Golden Retriever is an intelligent, handsome dog with a great desire to please.  He has an aptitude for training.  They are kind, loving, sensible, gentle, and affectionate with a warm and generous nature.  Once you have shared your life with a Golden Retriever, you will never want to be without one.

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