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The term Golden Retriever has been attributed to Lord Harcourt who purchased two puppies from Guisachan in 1904.  In 1908 Lord Harcourt was the first to exhibit retrievers descended from Lord Tweedmouth's original matings at the Kennel Club show.

Another early enthusiast of the breed was Mrs Charlesworth, who in 1911 organised the formation of the Golden Retriever Club in the UK and the development of a breed standard.  She campaigned to have the breed registered with the Kennel Club as a separate breed and to maintain the breed as a true dual purpose dog.  The Golden Retriever was officially recognised by the English Kennel Club in 1913 when they were given the separate register - Retrievers (Golden or Yellow). 

Although there is a report of a dog and bitch being bought to Australia in 1914, the first official registration of Golden Retrievers imported to Australia was in 1937 when the dog Grakle of Tone and the bitch Temeraire arrived from England.

The ancestors of the Golden Retriever were all hunting dogs.  Hunting dogs, especially retrievers, require a great deal of training and human contact to fully develop their skills.  This close relationship turned the dog into a companion as well as a hunting tool and is responsible for the people oriented nature of the Golden Retriever.  Over many generations, selective breeding has established the gentle, friendly and confident nature of the Golden Retriever.

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