There are many reasons that your dog digs.  It is a natural canine activity.  A dog digs to provide a warming pit or a cooling hollow, or to find insects, bulbs or roots.  He may be digging to escape, digging out of boredom or just plain digging for fun.  And of course a favourite pastime is burying a bone and then digging it up again.

The problem is that you and your dog have different ideas about an appropriate place to dig.  The solution is to choose an out of the way spot and make this a place where he is allowed to dig as much as he likes.

Praise and reward your puppy when he digs in this special place.  This place becomes his digging pit.  Encourage him to dig here by making it the most interesting place to dig.  Keep it well stocked with all kinds of goodies - stashes of dry food, training treats, chew toys, tennis balls, squeaky toys and marrowbones.

Once your puppy discovers the treasure trove his digging pit is, he won't want to dig anywhere else and digging here will keep him entertained and occupied for hours.

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