A dog jumps up to greet you and to get your attention.  Jumping up to the level of your face is a natural way for a dog to say 'Hello!".  Be careful not to praise him or pat him when he jumps up for attention.  You should ignore this behaviour.  Bend down to his level and only pat and stroke him when all four feet are on the ground.  If you pat your dog when he jumps up you are rewarding and reinforcing the jumping behaviour and he will continue to do it.

Use rewards to train your puppy to sit when greeting people.  Then he can be praised for his action instead of shouted at for jumping.  It is far better to praise him for a positive action than punish him for a negative one.

If your puppy jumps up, cross your arms across your chest and turn away from him.  Give a command such as "Off!"  Continue to turn away from him until all four feet are on the ground, then quietly praise him, and give him a treat.  If he starts to jump again when you praise him, simply turn away again.  Keep your praise low key so that he doesn't get too excited.  Once your puppy realises that he isn't going to get any attention from you when he is jumping up, but he gets attention when his feet are on the ground, he should learn not to jump up.

Remember that once you've taught him to come and sit quietly for attention, you must reward this behaviour.  Be careful not to ignore him when he comes and sits politely, waiting for your attention.

Never correct a dog for jumping by kneeing him in the chest, squeezing his forepaws, or stepping on his toes.  These actions can cause him serious injury and can damage your relationship.  Kneeing a dog in the chest has been known to knock a dog out.  A child would not be slapped or punched for rude behaviour, and neither should your dog.

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