Elbow Dysplasia simply describes the abnormal development of the elbow joint.  The abnormalities are primary lesions which cause a secondary osteoarthritic process. 

The three most common abnormalities are

  • Ununited Anconeal Process (UAP)
  • Fragmented or Ununited Coronoid Process (FCP)
  • Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD)

These cause problems by affecting the growth of the cartilage which forms the surface of the joint and the structures around it.

Like Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia is not controlled by a simple gene or simple inheritance, but is controlled by the combination of many genes.

Breeding dogs are scored using an x-ray of the elbow joint.  An assessment can be made at the same time as the hip joints are assessed and scored.

A grade is calculated from the presence of primary lesions and the size and extent of secondary lesions.  Each elbow is given a grade between 0 and 3.  A grade of 0 is normal with no osteoarthritis and a grade 3 has severe osteoarthritis.

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