At what age should my puppy start obedience school?

You should take your puppy to obedience school as soon as he is allowed to join.  Don't wait until he is six months old.  Puppy classes at obedience school provide an excellent opportunity for your puppy to socialise with other puppies.

You need to learn how to train your puppy, how to solve problem behaviour and some dog behaviour theory and your instructor can explain all of these things.

Training for your puppy must be fun!  Training methods based on reward and praise are the best for a young puppy.

His attention span is limited so make his training sessions short and don't push him too hard.  Don't lose patience when your puppy suddenly seems to forget everything he has learned.  This is quite normal for a puppy.

Excellent socialisation and training classes can be found at Puppy Preschools.  Puppy preschools, normally held at veterinary surgeries, provide your puppy with a safe supervised environment to socialise with other dogs and people before his vaccination program is completed.  Puppies can attend puppy preschool classes from as young as eight weeks of age.

Puppy preschool classes supply fantastic learning opportunities for a new puppy.  The classes allow your puppy to continue to interact and socialise with other puppies after he has left his mother and littermates.

You have to give a new puppy the opportunity to learn to 'talk dog' by allowing him to socialise with other puppies and adult dogs.  Young puppies think that all dogs look like their mum and littermates, but dogs come in a greater variety of shapes and sizes than any other species in the world.  Your puppy needs to learn that even though they may all look different the fundamentals of dog body language are the same.  A play bow or a submissive roll over means the same to a German Shepherd as it does to a Fox Terrier.

Learning to read and communicate these messages will help your dog to play and interact peacefully with other dogs.

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