How much exercise does a Golden Retriever need?

The Golden Retriever is an intelligent working breed and as such requires daily exercise to keep him fit and healthy.  He needs the mental stimulation of an activity away from his backyard.

An adult Golden Retriever requires regular sessions of activity, whether it is retrieving, romping with other dogs, swimming or running in the park or along the beach.

Forced or sustained exercise is detrimental to a dog whose bones and muscles are still growing and developing.  You need to be careful with a dog under eighteen months of age.  You cannot take him jogging or biking without overtaxing him. 

A young puppy does not require formal exercise.  He will get all the exercise he needs during play.  From four months of age, introduce your puppy to short walks around the block.  Fifteen minutes each day is quite sufficient at this age--no longer.  The time can be increased as he gets older.  Make sure he doesn't get overtired and shorten the walk if it overtires him.

Swimming is excellent exercise for a Golden Retriever of any age and they just love it!  Let your puppy investigate the water on his own.  He may need an older dog to show him what to do.  Never throw a puppy into the water.

Dogs need regular physical exercise as well as activities to keep them mentally active.  A bored dog is a destructive dog.  He will invent his own activities - probably ones you don't approve of - including digging, chewing and barking.

There are many activity toys that you can use to provide games for your dog, such as Kongs and activity balls.  A Kong is a rubber toy that can be filled with tasty treats.  Your dog will have to work to get to the treats.

Games like hide and seek or learning some simple tricks will also keep your dog entertained.

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