What is a dog's Hip Score?

The hips of Golden Retrievers used for breeding are evaluated from an x-ray and given a score under either the  AVA (Australian Veterinary Association) or the BVA (British Veterinary Association) Hip Dysplasia scheme.

An accredited scorer evaluates each x-ray and a total is given for each hip.  A perfect ball and socket joint has a score of zero.  A dog with two perfect hips has a score of 0/0 (0). 

A slight irregularity in the ball or socket may give a score of 2/3 (5).  The more irregular the ball and socket becomes, the higher the score.  Each hip is scored by assessing nine different features.  Each feature is scored between 0 and 6 with the minimum (best) score being zero and the maximum (worst) score for each hip being 53.  The highest score possible is 53/53 (106).

The breed mean score is the average score calculated from all the scores recorded for the breed.  The BVA breed mean score for the Golden Retriever is 19. 
(Jan 2006 BVA Canine Hip Dysplasia Scheme).

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