Why should I get my dog desexed?

There are many advantages to a dog's health in being desexed.  Unless you want to breed with your dog, or compete in conformation shows, you should get your dog desexed.  There are already too many homeless pets and you should not add to their number with an unplanned pregnancy.

Neutering removes both testicles in the male and the uterus and both ovaries in the female. 

A female Golden Retriever puppy will have her first season when she is around eight to ten months old, although this varies considerably between individuals.   She will then regularly come into season and be attractive to male dogs during this time.  When she is in season, she must be isolated from male dogs or there is a good chance of an unplanned pregnancy.

The Golden Retriever is a slow maturing dog and both sexes will benefit if desexing is delayed until after the dog is twelve months old.  This allows a female puppy time to physically develop and is especially important for male puppies.

A male puppy should be desexed after he reaches sexual maturity around 12-18  months of age.  This allows time for the male hormones to act with the other body systems and complete the development of his muscles and skeleton.

Desexed dogs live longer healthier lives.  In male dogs the size of the prostrate is reduced which decreases the incidence of bacterial infections and reduces the risk of prostrate cancer. Testicular cancers cannot occur.  Females will not develop uterine or ovarian cancers or serious uterine infections such as pyometra.  The risk of mammary cancer is also reduced. 

The metabolism of your dog will change after desexing due to the removal of hormones.  This can calm down your dog and make him less energetic.  All dogs, including those that are desexed should have their weight monitored and their diet and exercise adjusted to keep them at their optimal weight.  Obesity is caused by overfeeding and under exercising.

Desexed dogs are much less likely to roam or fight. 

Desexing will not affect your dog's personality or intelligence.  His learning capacity and ` ability are not altered.

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