At Fernamber we believe that the education of a puppy begins as soon as the puppy is born.  The first eight weeks of a puppy's life are extremely important in teaching him canine and human interaction skills.

Our puppies live in our house until they go to their new homes.  This gives them every opportunity to learn about people and means that we can make a start on their housetraining. 

They learn about a household's regular routines.  And they get used to the sounds of normal household appliances like the washing machine, vacuum cleaner, the television and radio.  Our puppy room is adjacent to our family room so the puppies get used to the hustle and bustle from day one.

Once they are ready to venture out of the whelping box they have the whole of the puppy room to explore and play in.  They are given as many toys to play with as possible. They have soft toys, socks, squeaky toys, tennis balls and  basketballs.  And an assortment of cardboard boxes, cardboard rolls, ice cream containers and soft drink bottles to play with. 

There are tunnels and crates for them to play and sleep in.   There are blocks to climb on and a ramp to climb.

They also spend a lot of time outdoors from around four weeks of age.  We give our puppies a chance to explore  our fenced acre block (with supervision).  The puppies come inside the house when is gets dark or too cold or hot and sleep in the puppy room each night.

Our puppies have access to their mother so that she can teach them valuable canine lessons about how to behave and interact in a dog pack.  They also have plenty of chances to interact and play with our other adult Golden Retrievers (again with supervision) so that the puppies can learn from them as well.

Each puppy is sent home with his own soft toy from the puppy room so that he has something that smells familiar at his new home.  The soft toy smells like his littermates and his mother and helps him settle in.

Each puppy also goes home with a Fernamber Puppy Kit.

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