Welcome to the Fernamber Off Lead archives.  These four issues make up Volume Four.

The newsletter files are in pdf format and can be viewed using Adobe® Reader®. These files may take a while to download--try to be patient!

Spring 2005 Issue     475 KB


Welcome to our Spring Issue
Black Spots
Eye Trauma
Central Nervous System Modulators
Insect Development Inhibitor
The Immune System
The Importance of Exercise
That Doggone Driver!
The Leopard, the Monkey and the     
      Golden Retriever

Off Lead

is our quarterly newsletter.

These four issues belong to Volume Four.

Winter 2005 Issue     380 KB


Welcome to our Winter Issue
Brass Monkeys
The Chess Game
A Wolf in Pup's Clothing
Smart Answer!
Say NO to Animals in Pet Shops
Home Alone Games
Guardian Angel
What Did You Say?
What to do About Lumps on YourDog

Autumn 2005 Issue     530 KB


Welcome to our Autumn Issue
Assistance Dogs
The Puppy Party
Motor Vehicle Accidents
The New Geriatrics
First Aid for Your Dog
Canine Hair
Correction Collars
The Creation Story (as told by
        the dog)
Robbie's Rescue

The newsletter files are in pdf format and require Adobe® Reader® software.  Download your free copy now.

Summer 2004 Issue     561 KB


Welcome to our Summer Issue
Canine Body Language
The Importance of Sleep
The Mailman
Canine Parvovirus
What is a Virus
Antibody Titre Study
Herd Immunity
Viral Infection
When is the Best Time to Spay?
Outdoor Games
The Wishbone Foundation
How to Wrap Presents with a Puppy

Off Lead

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