Welcome to the Fernamber Off Lead archives.  These four issues make up Volume One.

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Spring 2002 Issue     1.61 MB


Welcome to our Spring Issue
Search & Rescue Dogs at the World           Trade Center 11 Sept 2001
What is Clicker Training?
By a Whisker
The Telegram
Search and Rescue Dogs
The Real Me
World Trade Center Heroes

Off Lead

is our quarterly newsletter.

These four issues belong to Volume One.

Winter 2002 Issue      717 KB


Welcome to our Winter Issue
Fernamber Website News
Kennel Cough (Tracheobronchitis)
Grooming Your Golden Retriever
The Digging Pit
Sasha's Blend
Scent Games
Seeing is Believing
Training Collars

Autumn 2002 Issue      737 KB


Welcome to Our Autumn Issue
Fernamber Website News
Bathing Your Golden Retriever
Antioxidants in Pet Food
How to Get a Top Quality Trial Dog
Defeating the Flea
Sleeping Dogs
Teacher's Pet
Ch Camrose Cabus Christopher

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Summer 2001 Issue      679 KB


Welcome and Introduction
Fernamber Golden Retriever Website
Trimming Toenails
Heat Stroke
How to Tell the Weather
Heartworm Prevention
Clipping Your Dog
How to Housetrain Your Puppy
A Moment in Time

Off Lead

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