Ferndarra Mystic Spirit CD

13 November 1987-- 19 March 1993

In 1987 we decided to get another Golden Retriever puppy.  We got our second puppy from Jill Dusting (Ferndarra Golden Retrievers).  Jason and his two sisters were born on Friday 13 (unlucky for some!) and came home with us in January 1988.

At first Peppa couldn't understand why we now had an annoying puppy, but the two Goldens soon became the best of friends.  We enjoyed having two Golden Retrievers to take for walks and picnics and they were good company for each other.

We started obedience training with Jason who broke three correction chains before we realised that we were doing everything wrong.  (Nowdays, none of our Goldens ever wear a correction chain!)

It took Clive and Jason many, many obedience trials and many months before Jason gained his three qualifying scores for his Companion Dog title in 1992.  Jason was not the easiest dog to train, but it would have helped if we had been a bit wiser.

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Jason, Tansy and Misty (Jason's sisters)

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