Fernamber Winter Magic

22 May 1990-- 18 November 1994

Sacha was the puppy we kept from the first Fernamber litter.  In many ways she was like her mother Peppa.

We discovered that having three Golden Retrievers was quite different to having two.  Three large dogs cannot always go everywhere you do!  But we enjoyed having a family of three Goldens and all the comments we got while out walking with them.  Suddenly we were seen as being 'serious' about the breed!  (In fact we had been serious all along!)

Holly (grandmother), Peppa (mother) and Sacha

Sacha began obedience training and was enjoying learning the Novice exercises.  She also started to do well in the conformation ring.

Sacha had a litter of six puppies in 1994 to Ch Goldog Alpine Nicholas and passed on to them her calm and relaxed manner.

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Sam (Sacha's brother) and Sacha

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