In the last few years two new types of flea insecticides have become available.  These act in different ways to combat fleas.

Flea contraceptives prevent fleas breeding but do not kill adult fleas.
Program (Lufenuron) and Sentinel (Luferon/ Mibemycin Oxime) break the reproductive cycle by preventing flea eggs from developing.  Sentinel also kills heartworm larvae, adult roundworm, hookworm and whipworm. Both are tablets given every month.

Topical insecticides kill adult fleas.  Frontline (Fipronil) and Advantage (Imidaloprid) are examples of the newer insecticides which are not absorbed into the body.  Both kill adult fleas and are stored in the natural oils of the coat.  Frontline also kills ticks while Advantage kills flea larvae.  Both are water resistant.  These products are applied to the dog's skin each month.  However the insecticide can rub off onto carpet and furniture.

These two groups are far superior to older style insecticides which are absorbed into the dog's body.  A lot of 'old time' products are still available but they are obsolete and sometimes dangerous.   These include dips and washes containing organophosphates and environmental foggers containing highly toxic chemicals.

Flea control is far safer and easier than it was ten years ago.  Take advantage of the new methods which are simple to use and highly effective.  They will keep your Golden Retriever protected from fleas.

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