Fernfall Sun Dancer

20 November 1992 - 5 June 2001

Holly started work on the television show Neighbours when she was eight weeks old.  She was trained for the show by Luke Hura.  She followed her TV family through all kinds of trials and tribulations and even had a few storylines written around her.

Neighbours Holly lived with Hannah Martin and her parents Julie and Philip.  Holly arrived as an eight week old puppy in the Martin household when Hannah was unhappy after her two best friends, Toby Mangel and Bouncer the Labrador had moved away.

Hannah found herself in an emergency situation when on a camping trip with Philip.  While playing fetch with Holly, Hannah slipped down a rocky ledge. Philip managed to pull her to safety, but he slipped further down the ledge and broke his foot.  Hannah ran to the car to phone for help but discovered that they had left the mobile phone at home.  As a last resort she sent Holly to find help while she looked after Philip.  Holly made her way to a roadhouse not far from the campsite and

attracted the attention of a father and son, who contacted Julie after reading the Martin's phone number on Holly's collar.  Julie alerted the authorities and there was relief all around when Hannah and Philip were found.

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Holly and the cast of Neighbours

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