T Ch Fernamber Rendezvous

born:  29 September 2001

Ashley is April's daughter, born in 2001. In many ways she reminds us of April, but she is most definitely her own dog.  We couldn't believe some of the things she got up to when she was a baby.  She was a bit like a whirlwind.  She even did some of the naughty things that April did when she was a puppy!  We were reminded when she destroyed our travel alarm clock that April had done the same thing when she was a baby!  Luckily she has calmed down as she has gotten older.   

Ashley is working at her obedience training and she just loves it!  She especially loves to retrieve her dumbbell at the end of a training session.  She looks forward to obedience training on Friday night.

Ashley has been taught to 'touch' by bumping your hand with her nose as part of her obedience training.  Her latest party trick is to touch both your hands in quick succession on the command 'Touch!'

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